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The Right Thing

- Responses to Lockdown

Aisling Burke O'Connor

Current Exhibition



The Hunt Museum Café


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ʻThe Right Thingʼ - This series documents the duality of existence as an artist and a mother during and coming out of the current pandemic. My aim being to communicate through my paintings, using textures, patterns, colour and interlocking shapes the duality of the universal energy of the current living experience; ʻThe Homeʼ - an indoor energy communicating feelings of Exhaustion, Overcrowding, Frustration, Suffocation, Love and Teaching - Transitioning to – ʻThe Outsideʼ - Vigorous, Free, Space, Nature, Water and Air. It is a response to the current emotions and realities of life unseen before now.

Aisling Burke OʼConnor Bio

I have early memories of feeling what I see and trying to reproduce it through textures and colour. My main senses of perception are visual, haptic (touch) and clairsentient. I am perceptive, emotional, engaging, passionate & dedicated. My gut drives my creativity.

My work aspires to promote wellness in the viewer through communicating the fluency of fractal patterns I see and feel in nature using textures to stimulate the viewers sensory perception. The enigmatic nature of my work and absence of figurative invites the viewer to enter into their own sensory journey.

Inspiration is derived from my love of Textures, Interlocking Shapes, Laws of Nature, Music, Harmony, Symbolism and Patterns.

I am a Limerick native and past pupil of Limerick School of Art & Design.

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